“I Shoot Muscles” has been photographing athletes since the early 90s.

He grew up in Montreal, and moved to Greece for many years. There, he collaborated with many organizations such as NABBA, WABBA, NAC, and others.

Aside from photography, he has produced bodybuilding shows, video clips, designed stage settings, designed publications for print, and managed athletes.

One of his greatest achievements was his collaboration with the Greek division of NAC International (National Athletic Committee), where he was responsible for designing the entire local branding, including logo, scenography for local and international bodybuilding competitions, posters, tickets, badges, and others.

In 2006, he created his own blog to record, and present his achievements. Today, his blog is a reference for bodybuilding photography, with thousands of visitors from 166 countries, each month. This blog has been the cornerstone for his international collaborations.

The last fifteen years, he has moved back to Montreal. Due to his expertise he offers high quality services to individuals and businesses.